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Do you have an event that you need to sell tickets for?

We provide a powerful event ticketing system with fees up to 90% lower than other solutions
free It doesn't cost you anything to use glixee! Service fees are paid by the end customer
unlimited ticket types Create multiple ticket types. Early Bird, General Admission, VIP, Meet and Greets, etc.
unique scannable codes for each ticket Every ticket is unique for validation and to combat fraud
ticket scanning web app Use your existing iOS/Android device or even a webcam by simply logging into our website to scan
secure Encryption, fraud detection and industry leading security. Card numbers are never visible or stored
low fees for buyers Over 75% lower service fee than the majority of event tickets
creative team We can help set up your event and design your poster for you
digital tickets Most tickets are digital and are emailed instantly. Present at the event with your mobile device or print from home
physical tickets We can create bulk printed tickets that are scannable using a unique code (additional cost and minimum 200 tickets)
daily payouts Get paid from your ticket sales every day after the first week
taxes Charge tax if required

Most customers are used to paying between $15 to $60+ in service fees per ticket, give their wallets a break and start using glixee!

We're currently accepting event organizers who want us to help setup the entire digital ticketing solution for free!
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